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EDIGuys.net delivers technology solutions aimed at improving business process efficiency by facilitating the exchange of critical business data between you and your trading partners.

Based in the Twin Cities, EDIGuys.net provides solutions for a variety of markets including the food industry, manufacturing companies, retail (catalog) industry, utility and energy management companies, logistics (trucking and warehousing) industry, electronics firms, manufacturer's representatives and vendors of major retailers such as WalMart, Target, KMart, J C Penny, Fingerhut, Kids R Us, and Home Depot.

Our experts can help you with custom EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions, B2B (Business to Business) web portals for the exchange of business documents, integration of systems across your supply chain, industry-specific solutions, migrating from the VAN to the Internet, etc.

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Ask us about:

EDI Installation, Setup and Customization
Installation and Setup of a Private Web Portal to facilitate the exchange of business-critical data with your trading partners
Solutions to help you conform to your trading partners EDI and 1Sync (GS1) mandates
Solutions to help integrate your Order Entry, Accounting and Inventory systems with the internet and your supply chain

Call us at 1-877-EDI-GUYS or send us an email at mail@ediguys.net for a free business system analysis

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EDIGuys on the Google - Verizon " Legislative Framework" and Net Neutrality
at FCC Hearing in Minneapolis, Wednesday evening, August 19, 2010

( 3 minute YouTube Video )

Cf. this recent (December 11,2017) article - "Can the FTC Really Handle Net Neutrality?  Let's Check Against the 4 Most Famous Violations" - on Harold Feld's "Tales of the Sausage Factory" telecom blog on the Wetmachine WWW site!

The Rise of the Corporate Court

(.pdf [5.9 MB])

Prescription for Health Care Solution

( 1.5 hour MIT Video )

Upcoming Revolution in Construction

( 12 minute TEDx Video )

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  • Australian Community-Based Certificate Authority - CAcert - Offers Free X.509 Digital Certificates

    EDIGuys becomes Assurer for CAcert

The EDIGuys" Supply Chain Information Systems " presentation for

Metropolitan State University

joint MBA / MMIS Seminar
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