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EDI using Syspro ERP

The Syspro EDI module includes built-in mapping and other features to support all of the major EDI transactions. 


Non-EDI users find it difficult to understand the various configuration and mapping options.
Most Syspro customers are manually importing and exporting the transactions.
Users are spending too much time monitoring their EDI system.


The EDI Guys can walk you through the sometimes confusing configuration screens to set up your EDI system parameters, cross-reference tables, partner configurations, and transaction mappings.
Syspro EDI has features which allow for automated importing and exporting of EDI transactions like purchase orders and invoices.  We have set these up for our clients.
Syspro EDI can be set up to send email notifications to key users to notify them of important events - like when new orders have been imported into Syspro and when an error has occurred during an import.
Many Syspro customers use Emanio TPPC or Gentran as EDI "front ends".  We have set up these systems to automatically send / receive and notify users when EDI events occur:  for example, new inbound EDI transactions, error conditions.
Some Syspro customers can actually run their EDI successfully without a third-party EDI "front end" program.  Syspro EDI is "smart" enough to handle raw EDI data without the need for an EDI "front end".  We have set up EDI to run without an EDI "front end" translator program.


A Syspro EDI system that has been set up correctly right from the start.
Ability to receive and send EDI transactions with virtually unattended import and export operations.
Ability to run your business without having to spend a lot of time running EDI.  Users are notified of EDI activity via email.
Dependable, unattended EDI system with responsive technical support.

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Let the EDI Guys help you set up your EDI system and your first couple of trading partners.  With our experience, we can show you how to set the system up correctly right from the start.  And, should you need technical assistance at some future time, the EDI Guys are always available to help.

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