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An East Coast fashion industry firm mandated by large retail chain (J. C. Penny's Traffic Management System) needed help to implement the EDI 753 (Request for Routing Instructions) document with their public warehouses most of which were not using EDI or even part of a computer network.  The firm didn't want to write a custom application for the 753, preferring to purchase a service or solution, if available.  The corresponding EDI 754 (Routing Instructions) would be reported out from the firm's Trusted Link software.


Generate an EDI 753 document direct from a warehouse by their keying in applicable fields on a WWW form
The EDI 753 document would be sent to the firm for forwarding (via Trusted Link) to J. C. Penny's Traffic Management System.


Wrote WWW form for warehouse submission of EDI 753 document.
Insured user identification, authentication, and authorization, and data integrity, confidentiality, and non-repudiation of the submission through SSL, encryption and signature / certificate IETF standards.
Proposed that the J. C. Penny EDI website offer the webform as a service to their vendors.


At very little cost to the firm, and in a remarkably short period of time, it's warehouses were able to generate EDI 753 documents without having to learn EDI.

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