I.  The "Givens"

    A.  The "doing more with less," "hamster wheel" tensions apply to all industries

        1. Three (3) Information Technology / Business challenges 1

            a)  increase productivity

            b)  improve quality

            c)  provide the agility needed to respond quickly to market challenges and opportunities

        2.  Against mandates to

            a)  cut costs

            b)  reduce overall Information Technolgy spending

        3.  Without eroding customer service

    "A picture is worth a thousand words"

1 In addition to these three IT / Business “challenges,” consider the new “business drivers” of globalization, real-time information exchange, flexibility, and proactive decision making. See "Business Drivers," Chapter 4, pp. 19 - 26, in the Syspro "Guide to SOA" document.

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