IV.  The Outcome - The "New" Role of the Chief Process Officer

    C.  The Role of the Chief Process Officer

        1.  Interestingly enough, it's not a technological change that is required, but rather 
            a way to manage internal and external organizational, functional, and geographic
            boundaries of the corporation.

        2.  Companies like 3M and Honeywell, have already appointed individuals to the role of 
            Chief Process Officer.

            a)  What?  Another C-level executive?  Isn't this just a trade-off to 
                hiring more CSRs or getting another customer service database?  Only
                if you think that money, accountability, and governance are not important to 
                the success of an organization.  For example, the process improvements 
                that we are talking about involve not only the management and monitoring of 
                customers, but also business partners, and suppliers.

        "A picture is worth a thousand words"