EDIGuys.net has joined the Generix Group (formerly Influe Group [formerly ILLICOM]) Business Partner Program as a Reseller of TradeXpress.

Based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St Paul, EDIGuys.net deliver technology solutions aimed at improving business process efficiency by facilitating the exchange of critical business data between trading partners.

EDIGuys.net provides solutions for a variety of markets including food, retail, and logistics industries, manufacturing, utility, and energy management companies, and vendors of major retailers such as WalMart, Target, KMart, J C Penny, Fingerhut, Kids R Us, and Home Depot.

The professionals at EDIGuys.net are specialists with custom EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions, B2B (Business to Business) web portals for the exchange of business documents, integration of systems across your supply chain, industry-specific solutions, migrating from the VAN to the Internet, etc.  For more information on EDIGuys.net please visit www.ediguys.net or call 1-877-EDI-GUYS.

Generix Group is the result of the merger of three software vendors:  Generix, Influe (March, 2007), and Infolog (January, 2008).  The Influe Group (formerly ILLICOM which was founded in 1984) had been in the EDI market since it's inception.  Today the Generix Group develops a full suite of software products for the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and B2B (B2B Integration or eEAI) market, and has over 6,000 customers in 30 countries.  It's flagship EDI product is the TradeXpress EDI, EAI and B2B Integration Server.  For more information please visit the Generix Group TradeXpress home page.